Is the Carona machine now operating out of the D.A.’s office?

Disgraced O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona is long gone, but the stink of his regime is lingering – over at the O.C. District Attorney’s office, where D.A. Tony Rackauckas, who is beginning to resemble Grandpa Munster, is spending a lot of time attacking new Sheriff Sandra Hutchens – for things that happened during his boy Carona’s regime.

In one instance the Sheriff’s Department botched an investigation into a Deputy who apparently molested a child he was involved with in the Big Brother program.  The Deputy was allegedly tipped off and he ended up killing himself.  Well, the investigation does appear to have been bungled.  But that investigation happened under the watch of Carona’s right hand guy Jack Andersen!

Rackauckas “also suggested that the department might be better served by allowing an outside agency to investigate criminal allegations against its deputies,” according to the L.A. Times

Are you kidding me?  Does ANYONE remember Rackauckas EVER investigating Carona?  He never did!  He always covered up for Carona.  And now T-Rack wants to make allegations about how Hutchens is investigating her deputies?  Who is he to talk?

Hutchens “replied to Rackauckas, saying that the captain who oversaw the investigation told her he had taken steps to make sure any flaws in the Stenger investigation would not be repeated. Hutchens said she was perplexed by Rackauckas’ suggestion that her department could not competently investigate its own deputies.”

Perplexed?  I’m not.  Have we all forgotten that former Carona consigliere Mike Schroeder is pals with T-Rack, and his wife Susan Kang works for the D.A.?  Duh!  All of this looks like it came out of Schroeder’s bag of foul tricks.

My pajaritos are telling me that T-Rack and a number of Carona goons are working double-time to try to undermine Hutchens.  That is what is really going on here.  They want to destroy her and take her out when she comes up for reelection.  Carona is gone but his machine is still alive and it is targeting Hutchens.

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