Greenhut says GOP will have to fight culture wars without him

O.C. Register ediorial writer Steven Greenhut summed up his response to the recent Republican National Convention this way, “if they want to fight the culture wars one more time, they’ll have to do it without me.”

I’m with Greenhut – I cannot vote for McCain.  Not after what I heard at the RNC.  This year if you value freedom you have ONE choice – the Barr/Root Libertarian ticket.

Here are some excerpts from Greenhut’s editorial:

The libertarian philosophy of limited government and individual freedom is incompatible with a culture war. Americans, of course, have different cultural and religious values, different temperaments and preferences. In a free society, government is limited to some basic tasks, and the public is free to debate the cultural stuff without the fear of government coercion.

One of my colleagues likes to say that libertarianism is a friendly philosophy, despite its unfair depiction by its enemies as being extremist. When we protect property rights, for instance, or limit taxes or let private companies create jobs and fine products, that benefits everyone – from poor folks in central Santa Ana to wealthy folks on the Newport coast.

Libertarianism sees no need to divide people along cultural lines or to exploit divisions between, say, coastal elites and Middle Americans. We see nothing of value in focusing on issues such as homosexuality or faith, things that are none of the government’s business.

At Ron Paul’s wonderfully quirky Rally for the Republic, an alternative convention in Minneapolis while the GOP celebrated in St. Paul, anti-tax activist Grover Norquist argued that there are only two real choices in America: the Leave Us Alone Coalition and the Takings Coalition.

The Leave Us Alone group is a low-maintenance coalition, he noted. The members of it believe wildly different things about faith, family, social values, you name it. Members of it only have to agree on one thing: that the government leave them alone.

The Takings Coalition, by contrast, is about taking money and using government power to impose their values one everyone else. The modern Democratic Party, with its union buddies and environmental nannies, is the epitome of that coalition. The Republican Party should be the voice of the Leave Us Alone side, but has strayed far from that agenda – a point made by the Paul supporters as they called the GOP to come home to its roots.

The Paul rally was on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the GOP embraced its usual methods – exploiting cultural differences in an “us against them” sort of way rather than trumpeting a freedom message in a way that could transcend the nation’s cultural divide. No wonder I felt uncomfortable.

I think a lot of us felt uncomfortable!  It’s not like McCain has a chance in California – Obama is expected to win here by over 20 points – so why not vote Libertarian and send a message to the GOP?  McCain is NOT a good candidate – if this is the best the GOP can do then they deserve to lose the White House in November.

Check out the video below, where Barr talks about the differences between the Libertarian Party and the Republican Party, in the aftermath of the RNC:

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