Get on the Obama Bus. Yes, YOU!

Just a little public service announcement.  Any of a number of obnoxious cliches and metaphors could work, to help describe how Democrats will trounce Republicans in California this Nov. 4.  There is the old chestnut, always mystifying to me, of the “cleaning of their clock.”  There’s of course the vulgar, common “kicking of their ass.”  There are things they could be used to wipe, such as the “street,” the possibilities are actually quite endless and are in fact tedious for me to consider.  But NEVADA IS A SWING STATE. Which Barack needs.  So, young men and women full of hope, Gen-X’ers of all ages, GET ON THE OBAMA BUS tomorrow and every Saturday morning.  Details on the flip…

From a friend, a close associate of Paul Lucas (don’t hold that against him, he’s doing serious work here:)
I’m working on sending volunteers from California to Nevada for the Barack Obama Campaign.  As you know, Nevada is a key battleground state.  My job is to get as many people as possible on the bus to Nevada starting this Saturday and every Saturday from Mile Square Park Park and Ride Lot on Heil and Brookhurst .  The bus starts loading at 7:30 am and leaves at 8 am, goes to Nevada for the day and comes back to California at night (around 11:30pm the bus will be back).  In Nevada, volunteers will knock on doors and/or register voters, and the local Obama office will train the volunteers on what to do..
I urgently ask you to sign up for the trip below and then also forward this invite to fellow Obama supporters it would be much appreciated.  The link is for only an Orange County trips but we plan to have buses leaving from Los Angeles and other parts of California very soon. Any questions you have can be emailed to
If you can’t go on the bus but want to help and would like to donate to the program please contact me soon.  Don’t procrastinate
The link below is  the best way to sign up.
You can also email me at
(Oh.  Me?  I ain’t going anywhere.  Debbie Cook needs me right here.  Plus I hate Nevada.  Except for the salt flats.  And there’s no voters there.)

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