Follow the money…and you will find Pulido and his special interests

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido isn’t even trying to hide the fact that he is in the pocket of special interests and developers.  Check out the picture above.  Pulido backer Robert Bisno (who is trying to use eminent domain to take over Baldwin Park’s downtown businesses) has erected two huge signs in honor of his boy Pulido, over at the City Place.  That is the center that features a bunch of empty, overpriced condos and town homes.

Well, at least we know what Pulido’s priorities are.  When the O.C.T.A. offered to pay for 80% of the cost of installing Quiet Zone train crossings in the affected neighborhoods like Park Santiago, which abuts the City Place, Pulido could not find the money to pay the remaining 20% of the cost.  But he certainly finds the money for his buddies whenever they call him.

Bisno’s next project is a proposed luxury condo tower that will blot the sun out in the Park Santiago neighborhood and introduce up to two thousand more cars on our crowded streets.  I wonder how Pulido will vote on that project?  Hmmm…

So there you go.  Follow the money and you will find a stinky politician who puts his backers first – not the people of Santa Ana.

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