Does Senator John McCain Vote against US Veterans?

 Iraq Vets Infiltrate the Republican National Convention carrying signs that Target Senator John McCain’s voting record against United States Veterans.  Has Senator McCain been Derelict in his duties towards the troops, as charged in this bold poster statement?

Well, you might say that if you looked at the written record of his constant votes to reduce the taxes of millionaires and at the same time deny home, health and support benefits for our serving troops and this country’s honorable veterans.  He dismisses the additional benefits as being “too generous“.  There have been multiple accounts of “Town-Hall” style meetings having sour moments when veterans would question Senator McCain’s loyalty to the troops and he would become visibly angry towards the questioner.   There is much evidence to suggest that Senator McCain votes party loyalty over the welfare of the troops, siding with President Bush’s wishes and voting the same.    

Is that why they call him Grumpy McSame?  

 I was actually suprised to see the extent of his dismal voting record for our troops and to detail it here, would take up too much space.  However I am interested in opinions and links from anyone who has a stake in our US troops.   I’ll finish this up with a link and a snip of Senator McCain’s graded voting record.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), the country’s largest Iraq veterans’ group, looked at 155 Senate votes since Sept. 11, 2001, on legislation that “affected troops, veterans or military families.” It then awarded each senator a grade by comparing his or her votes to IAVA’s view of what constitutes effective support for active troops, veterans and their families.

No senator received an “A” grade. Thirteen senators — all Democrats — received an “A-.” The worst grade received by a Senate Democrat was higher than the best grade granted to a Republican. Obama, for his part, got a B+.

McCain received a “D.”

In fact, IAVA founder and Executive Director Paul Rieckhoff says that “there has been no bigger obstacle to passage of the GI Bill than Senator McCain. Even though he’d now like to claim credit for it, he didn’t even show up.

In 2007, the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), after surveying McCain’s votes on healthcare issues for its 1.3 million members, gave him only 20 percent. By contrast, DAV gave 194 Democrats and 7 Republicans a perfect 100 percent. Even by GOP standards, McCain’s performance suffers.

Often times, his is a faithful vote for party above principle. This party-line voting pattern suggests that McCain is a legislative follower — if he bothers to show up at all.

In a 2006 Washington Post column by David Ignatius, McCain described his loyalty to Bush as being so profound that he said he wouldn’t rule out giving up his Senate seat to become secretary of defense if Donald Rumsfeld were to leave.

“I would have to assess where I can be most effective,” said McCain. “It’s awfully hard to say no to the president of the United States.”

McCain’s record makes that abundantly clear.


Senator McCain has also been accused of prolonging the Iraq Occupation.

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