Claudia Alvarez, Thank You For Your Leadership!

Hopefully, your leadership has taught Santa Ana residents a valuable lesson: don’t vote for someone who claims to know everything about public safety — and swears that crime is down — when the above image happens daily in your own city.

Why is it Miss Alvarez… emphasis on MISS… that you care more about Sacramento’s interests than the interests of your own people? Do you just not care? Or is it, MISS ALVAREZ, that you find it politically beneficial for you to lie to others so that you yourself can climb the political totem pole?

I would suggest, for starters, start answering your phone from constituents… responding to emails would be nice too. Oh, and quit climbing up certain labor union boss’ totem poles because they’re only there to get what they want. They don’t care about you as much as you think.

Devil with a blue dress on, perhaps? I wonder if we should start calling you “Latina Lewinski”…

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