City managers who blog?

The Santa Ana City Council and City Manager (Dave Ream) hate this blog so much that last year they actually convened a special meeting to try to figure out how to get rid of the bloggers who had been appointed to several City Commissions.  In that meeting they drafted their infamous “Code of Ethics” with the hope that this non-enforceable guideline would at last give them the opportunity to get rid of the bloggers.

Today the Orange Juice bloggers have either been tossed from their City Commissions, or have resigned for various reasons.  But the Orange Juice has been reengineered by Sarah Spinosa – and now we are a real juggernaut in Orange County politics.  In fact we are now averaging over 1,200 visits to our site every day and almost 3,000 page views daily.  We are also currently the top ranked political blog in Orange County, according to  The folks at Santa Ana’s City Hall utterly failed to stop us.

And now I have been invited to speak at the California League of Cities Annual Conference on September 25.  I will be participating in a panel presentation entitled “Entering the Blogosphere: Using New Media to Talk to Your Community.”  The panel includes as moderator Mike Madrid, the Public Affairs Director of the California League of Cities.  Madrid is also a blogger!  He is the editor of California City News.  Others on the panel include Ventura City Manager Rick Cole, who actually has his own city blog!  Imagine that.  I can’t see Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream ever becoming a blogger…

Madrid is a believer in blogs – here is an excerpt from his blog, “Blogging – for better or worse – is a way of life in virtually every city in California. And if it hasn’t come to your city yet, trust me, it ’s on its way.”

I go way back with Madrid.  We used to work together conducting Latino outreach for the Republican Party.  I have long since quit the party an Madrid now has a great job in Sacramento, with the California League of Cities.  He asked me to speak at his conference because mine was the first political blog in Orange County and because I have a long record as an activist and advocate for change in Santa Ana.

Cole is the kind of City Manager I wish we had in Santa Ana!  You can read his city blog at this link.  And be sure to go to this link for a list of other City Manager blogs.  The times they are a changing – except in Santa Ana!

If you are interested in attending the California League of Cities Annual Conference, click here for more information.  It wil be held in Long Beach from September 24 to 27.

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