Bristol Palin: The real life Juno from Juneau

We here at the Orange Juice Blog are always looking out for our readers so when the news about Bristol Palin being pregnant came out we decided to look into the matter. Unfortunately what we have here is just another example of the Liberal Media influencing this election in their diabolical ways. We all know that Hollywood has donated lots of money to both Hillary and Barack but now it has become evident that they were also targeting Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol for the last few years.

One only needs to take a look at the Hollywood hits in the teen community over the last few years to see the evidence. In 2007 two of the biggest grossing films were Knocked Up and Juno. Knocked Up was about a man and woman that “hook up” one night after getting drunk at a Club together. The film grossed over 200 million dollars so I won’t bore you all with the details of a film that I’m sure most of you have seen. Anyway it glamorized getting “knocked up” it makes it seem like getting pregnant is funny and you find a way to make things work. You end up with a wonderful person that turns their life around because of how awesome a person you are.

The worst and most diabolical scheme of all is Juno. Juno deals specifically with teen pregnancy. The movie was total crap, but what would you expect from something that is catered to teenagers, here’s the basic story. It’s about some girl, oddly named Juno who has sexual intercourse with this guy one time and she ends up getting pregnant. Instead of freaking out, she sets up her living room outside his house and is sitting there looking totally suave when she tells him that she got pregnant, but that he needn’t worry because she was going to “take care of it.” He responds with “wizzer, go for it” or something ridiculous like that.

Juno goes to the clinic where there is an Asian girl protesting outside, the girl is repeating “all babies want to get borned.” (I personally found this rather offensive) Then inside the clinic we have the only reference to condoms in the entire movie when the receptionist tells her to take one because they’re boysenberry flavored and they “make her boyfriend’s junk smell like pie.” Juno changes her mind, finds parents to adopt the baby and then tells her parents that she’s pregnant but not to worry because she is going to give the kid up for adoption.

Throughout the rest of the movie Juno proceeds to live like nothing is wrong and she’s just totally cool with the whole thing and it’s no big deal. She has the kid and gives it up for adoption and then Juno and the boy that got her pregnant get back together. She says that he is a “boss” boyfriend. Then they sing a duet together with their guitars on the porch outside his house…roll credits and we have a movie that grosses over 200 million dollars.

This movie was obviously targeting Bristol Palin. She was the same age as the main character and…where exactly does Bristol live? The capital of Alaska which happens to be Juneau; how much more evil can the movie industry get?

Or, perhaps the McCain “consultants” merely took advantage of a media trend at the movies?  Hmmm…we may never know!


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