WWJD? James Dobson says Pray for Rain of Biblical Proportions!

What Would Jesus Do?  Does Jesus love one political party over another?  James Dobson’s Focus on the Family was betting on it.  The group sponsored a video telling members to pray for “abundant rain, torrential rain … flood-advisory rain…..I’m talking about umbrella-ain’t-gonna-help-you rain … swamp-the-intersections rain.”    The target date was the day Barack Obama was to speak at the DNC convention.  The plan was to summon God-sized, vengeful payback for positions accomodating gays and women’s choice.  Is it just me, or does this kind of “prayer” sentiment appear to be a bit, um, UN-Christian?  See for yourself by clicking on the video.

Is it just serendipity that Hurricane Gustav is barreling down just in time for the RNC convention, or is God sending a message back to Dobson?

The video remained on the Focus on the Family website  for about 4 weeks and was recently removed just as Gustav started shaping up and threatens to slam land and possibly overshadow news coverage of the start of tomorrow’s Republican National Convention.  That’s bound to be a grim reminder of Bush’s failures during Hurricane Katrina.

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