The Real Orange County Political Blog Rankings

After two months the Red County blog has at last managed to move slightly ahead of us in the blog rankings.  I would imagine that the current state budget crisis and presidential race are giving our red-faced “friends” a boost.

Here are the latest Orange County political blog rankings, according to the globally recognized website readership data company,, which is owned and managed by

  1. Red County – Global Ranking: 166,011
  2. The Orange Juice Blog – Global Ranking: 224,572
  3. Bolsavik – Global Ranking: 353,864
  4. The Liberal OC – Global Ranking: 929,589
  5. John Seiler’s Blog – Global Ranking: 648,406
  6. Flash Report – Global Ranking: 855,869
  7. Irvine Tattler – Global Ranking: 1,945,536
  8. Greater Orange News Report – Global Ranking: 4,798,410
  9. La Naraja – Global Ranking: 7,911,105

It looks like Bolsavik has really gained a lot of ground this summer!  And you have to figure that the Liberal OC will start to pick up as the presidential campaign continues.  They do best during elections.  And the Flash Report has continued their summer swoon.  Are they at all relevant anymore? They have in fact been surpassed by John Seiler’s excellent blog.  Kudos to Seiler!  He deserves the success.

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