The Real O.C. Political Blog Rankings

Well, here we go again.  BNN chose to rank our friends at the Liberal OC blog #1 this week.  Congrats to them, but let’s compare our mutual Sitemeter readership data for this week:

Orange Juice Site Visits this week: 5,993

Orange Juice Page Views this week: 19,442

Liberal OC Site Visits this week: 3,520

Liberal OC Page Views this week: 6,212

BNN ranked the Orange Juice #7 this week.  But we had 170% higher readership than the #1 ranked Liberal OC this week.  And we had over 300% more page views than the Liberal OC.  So how exactly are they #1?  It just doesn’t make much sense.  It would appear that BNN’s calculator is broken!

So let’s see how ranked the O.C. political blogs this week:

  1. The Orange Juice Blog – Global Ranking: 234,916
  2. Red County – Global Ranking: 278,297
  3. The Liberal OC – Global Ranking: 588,677
  4. Bolsavik – Global Ranking: 629,399
  5. John Seiler’s Blog – Global Ranking: 678,808
  6. Flash Report – Global Ranking: 805,856
  7. Irvine Tattler – 1,499,752
  8. Greater Orange News Report – Global Ranking: 3,464,415 cannot differentiate between the O.C. Register’s blogs and the O.C. Register website itself, so we cannot rank them here.  Same goes for some of the other media blogs in town. is widely considered to be the leading traffic-measurement company. Alexa is owned by and is powered by Microsoft Windows Live — it measures traffic-popularity based on 10 million surfers.

Google Analytics is another service that tracks web readership data.  It is very reliable but you cannot easily post the readership data, unlike the Sitemeter service.  Users have to log in to a special account in order to see the data.  I provided BNN with a user account so they could see my readership data.  But I don’t know if they have made use of the information therein.

Interestingly, Matt “Jubal” Cunningham, the editor of Red County, has been upset with me for posting this ranking information.  He continues to insist that his blog is the top blog – but he won’t post his readership data.  So how do we know he is not lying?  Quite frankly I don’t know why he is hiding the information.  We have ALWAYS made our readership data available to our readers.  That’s how we roll.

The fact is, California is a blue state.  Why would anyone expect a red blog to be very popular?  It is not a winning formula in this state.  You would think that Red County would rank higher because they are based in Orange County, which is supposedly a red county, but according to a new U.S. Census report, minorities are now the majority in Orange County.  That doesn’t bode well for Red County.

So once again we are the number one political blog in Orange County.  Now if Matt wants to counter by posting his own readership data, that would be great.  But don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen…

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