Santa Ana Mayoral candidate Michele Martinez responds to Team Pulido’s chismes

For Mayor of Santa Ana

August 8, 2008

My opposition has spread misinformation and lies about by past through the media, phone calls to influential entities, and the Orange Juice Blog.

The incumbent is only concerned with personal attacks upon challengers and not in addressing solutions to the city’s problems.

I take this opportunity to assure you the attacks by the incumbent’s Campaign Team are pure propaganda. There is absolutely no truth to their claims.

My focus in my campaign is not to attack my opposition. My focus is to defend and protect the best interests of my city’s residents.

Santa Ana, however, still faces crucial challenges that require a fundamental change in leadership. Our city is currently struggling with a combative political culture that has impeded progress. We need a mayor who can foster a new spirit of cooperation in our government and empower our citizens. To accomplish this, I will take a proactive approach that has been sorely lacking. Far too often our government has settled for the status quo and forgone the city’s interests. I will bring the energy and skills necessary to break our government’s complacency and guide the public’s interest through tough hurdles.

Furthermore, I understand that competent leadership includes empowering our citizens. Our residents, business community, and city employees are frustrated with the quality of service and lack of support they receive. These are areas that could be readily addressed by promoting a more inclusive environment.

Only by breaking out of the current gridlock can we begin to reinvest in our community. I would begin by bolstering public safety through investment in community policing, which has proven to be one of the most effective ways to deter crime. Developing relationships with neighbors and identifying hot-spot areas allow officers to cultivate strategies that can address crime at its source.

As an issue very close to me, education will be a top priority. I want to partner with schools to ensure that they are fully modernized, safe, and educationally appropriate for the future. I support the vision of a rigorous academic curriculum with qualified teachers for all children. Our programs must raise academic achievement levels and prepare our students for the high skill careers of our labor market.

I look forward to debate the future progress of Santa Ana when the Incumbent agrees to it.

In conclusion, contrary to rumors spread citywide by the incumbent’s campaign team, I am not resigning as candidate for Mayor of Santa Ana.

I will not let my supporters down by pulling out of the race as a result of intimidation from my opposition. With you support on election night and the implementation of my objectives, I will lead you to realizing the potential this city is capable of.

Michele Martinez
Candidate for Mayor of Santa Ana

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