Pension spiking all the rage in Fullerton too?

The Fullerton City Council has been trying to secretly negotiate a 25 percent pension spike for government employees in closed session, violating the spirit if not the letter of the state’s open meetings law, the Brown Act, by trying to conceal the discussions on the public agenda,” according to an O.C. Register editorial.

Say it ain’t so Fullerton Councilwoman Pam Keller!  This is so disappointing.

Even worse, the Register also stated that “Vallejo did “exactly the same thing” as what Fullerton is now trying to do: negotiate eye-popping benefit hikes without leveling with taxpayers.

And the City of Vallejo is now bankrupt.

The Santa Ana City Council is also voting on a pension spike proposal tonight.

It must be election season as so many local politicians are trying to curry the favor of their local public employees by spiking their pensions and offering earlier and earlier retirements.

Something has to give – and in Vallejo it did.  Will Santa Ana and Fullerton be far behind?

To be doing this during the current recession is just a smack-down to the rest of the people of Orange County, who are not getting sweetheart deals at work and who are lucky to have a job in the first place.  Times are tough right now – don’t these local politicians get it?

I have a feeling that the voters will make these City Councils pay in November for their fiscal ridiculousness and irresponsibility…

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