NBC did a good job and China too!

Bob Costas is fast becoming a living icon…much in the way that Jim McKay was….(Wide World of Sports) and even John Camaron Swazy…who did those wonderful “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking – Timex ads!  Millions of the sports crazed stayed up way passed midnight, night after night after night……culminating with the fantastic USA-Spain Basketball final.  Whew, it was pretty scary in the fourth quarter…..could have gone either way.  David Stern was freaking out until Kobe got hot and the US of A got the Olympic Gold.  The Chinese put together Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the ages!  Glad these people invented fireworks and knew how to handle them properly.

A couple of things that were interesting:  The Tibet protesters…..got thrown in jail but when the IOC complained….the Chinese authorities released them immediately.  How about the Eminent Domain that the Chinese used to get rid of their “slums”.  Some of those old ladies had been living in there houses for 50 years…..but in order to get the “Birds Nest” built….they had to get rid of about 2000 local residents.  As you may have heard….they will be tearing down everything and building mixed used office and residential buildings now that the Olympics are over.  They didn’t even have to broach the Kelo decision.  It was strictly for the good of the country….and by jolly they did a supurb job.  The terrible boxing judging…..can’t be laid on the Chinese……the Olympic Committee will have to do something about both the judging of Boxing and the Gymnastics.  Pay-offs and Fraud and Wrong Doing were rampant.

At any rate, we love Bob Costas, Jim Lampley and even Cris Collinsworth, the football guy.  NBC just seemed to have it together.  It was bothersome that sometimes they got stuck covering endless boxing or ping pong or killer badmitten.  The track and field is always fun to watch and we love Dwight Stones’ coverage.  He seems to always know the inside stuff about each of the athletes.  Matt Lauer and the Today crew also did a great job.  They made it fun and there is very little reason to complain about the 2008 Summer Olympics!  The hand-off to London was well done and the Brits are going to have to pull out all the stops to nearly equal the efforts of the Chinese.  It is also interesting to note that the Brits will be building all their Olympic facilities using Eminent Domain……and getting rid of most of their Muslim slums on the East Side of London.  They also are going to shock the visitors with their dedication to the Reason Foundantion – Robert Poole school of Congestion Pricing which will cost each visitor a pretty penny to get from venue to venue.

In the meantime, Michelle Obama did a great job in Denver tonight and without a doubt…..with Obama in the White House….we will be enjoying the best music in years.  The Democratic Convention reminds us the Grammys!  The Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and all the great music makes this the most watchable Political Convention in years!  It is funny to note…..that all the various pundits are all downer on the Democratic Convention.  We have to admit that the first few speakers were pretty boring and stiff cardboard.  It is also wonderful to see Joe Biden’s beautiful wife, along with Joe….seating through long jazz rifts and boring speeches!  They are troopers!  We love Joe Biden as the Vice President……..the first time in memory we have approved of the VP choice.  Except for Cheney of course!  We love Dick Cheney!

Finally, Misty-May Traner will be on “Dancing with the Stars” this year along with Kim Kardasian……wow!  Major ratings for that show!  As far as the rest of the Democratic Convention is concerned……Hillary tomorrow night…then Bill the following night….then Obama on Thursday!  The Music will be great!

Can’t wait to see what McCain chooses for his music…..50 cent or Shaun Puppy Combs?  Can’t wait to see who McCain chooses for his VP……Satchel Page?  Too bad Bob Costas isn’t available!

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