Michele Martinez responds to arrest of her brother in SAPD gang sweep

Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez, who is running for Mayor of Santa Ana, has issued a press release regarding the arrest of her brother, Pedro Franco, during the recent gang sweep conducted by the Santa Ana Police Department.  Here is Martinez’ press release in its entirety:

I want to make it clear that I will not tolerate gang violence regardless of who is involved. The city has been complacent and lethargic in responding to gang activity. I am driven to break this counterproductive culture. I have advocated significant investment in community policing to help curtail gang violence. By developing relationships with neighbors and identifying hot-spot areas, officers can cultivate strategies that address crime at its source. Commitment to this plan has proven to be one of the most effective ways to deter crime.

Furthermore, I will continue to support after school programs and community outreach that help divert young people away from gangs and unlawful activities. I have contributed much time and personal funds to several scholarships and non-profit organizations. Combating gangs through the enrichment of the youth will always be an impetus to my involvement in Santa Ana Politics.

In addition, I have addressed the need to promote wellness and sustainability in the community. I understand that health problems can devastate families and lead to insecurity in neighborhoods. By creating an environment where people are encouraged to and can lead healthy lives, we can eliminate a core source of instability. Through my deep involvement in the community, I have been at the forefront of producing positive change. I hope you join me as we continue to tackle the issues that affect the people of Santa Ana. This is the reason I am running for mayor.

The recent accusations associating me with the actions of my brother have been outright false and misleading by my opposition. Any crimes that he has committed were done solely on his own discretion. As an active member in the community and Councilwoman, I have dedicated myself to promoting a safe and healthy environment. The following are facts of some of my accomplishments:

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