Is Ware Disposal planning to leave the Logan barrio?

Word just in from a credible source that Ware Disposal is planning to leave the Logan barrio in Santa Ana within the next two months.  So the obvious question is, why did Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream have dozens of signs installed in the Logan area banning 3 ton trucks?

I am told that the neighbors in this area wanted the truck ban in order to put a crimp on Ware Disposal – however if it is true that Ware is leaving then this ban only hurts the other businesses in that area – most of which are law-abiding.

I heard about Ware moving several months ago, but this time my source is very credible – and another neighborhood will be stuck with the stinky Ware Disposal.  I am not sure yet where they will be moving to.

The much-maligned signs have now been covered up with plastic bags.  Word from City Hall is that Ream is blaming Public Works for screwing up.  As I stated in my earlier post, Ream really needs to retire, pronto.

And why aren’t the neighbors in Logan going after the Santa Ana City Council?  So far neither Mayor Miguel Pulido nor the Council have done anything about Ware’s operations in Logan – which have been conducted without an EIR and a CUP, as I understand it.  I am working on getting copies of the Council members campaign finance reports.  Follow the money and you will find Ware Disposal…

I have already promised not to accept money from any developers with business in our city.  Allow me to add Ware Disposal to the list of folks I won’t be accepting money from.  I wonder how much money Councilman Carlos Bustamante has accepted from Ware?

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