Interview of Rebecca Price, latest candidate for Mission Viejo city council

The list of candidates for the two Mission Viejo city council seats that are up in 2008 continues to grow. Yesterday, eight year Mission Viejo resident Rebecca Price entered the fray. While currently retired she told me that her background included the golf and recreation management responsibility of a large hotel/golf complex.

On top of her list of concerns is her disappointment with the current council majority’s handling of the additional Edison power lines in the northern area of our city.  She told me that the “Mission Viejo Master Plan from the 60’s say that all utilities will be buried.” When I asked if she had a copy of that document she said she did not have one but it must be available.
She expressed concern “I don’t know how Edison got by the city..these (latest) lines have put a blight on the landscape.” She also mentioned having “a family member who lived near the power lines got brain cancer.” 

As to the extension of the 241 Tollroad Ms Price stated “I don’t support it at this time.”

In discussing the expansion of our Murray Community Center Rebecca  questioned our spending 300 percent over budget adding “I have been there. What did we get for $15 million dollars?”

Regarding possible development at the Casta golf course. “Adding any housing at the Casta golf course is totally wrong. We don’t need more housing here.”

Rose Parade Float. “I think it’s fabulous–I think the city has enough money to do it…use volunteers” as they did when we lived in the Pasadena area.

In closing she made the following statement. “If I do anything when I get into office, it will be to get the lines underground.”

The bottom line. She is “not taking out a candidate statement,”and that she “will not use a campaign manager” and probably not spend any money in her campaign.

Gilbert comment. In Mission Viejo anything is possible. Only four years ago we had another candidate ride into town on a white horse promoting a three item agenda in his candidate statement that included a goal to “bury the powerlines in Mission Viejo.” I wonder what his 2008 candidate statement will promise.

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