Interview of LAPD Sgt. Michael Williamson, latest candidate 2008 Mission Viejo city council

As we approach the deadline for city council candidate filing, I just interviewed Michael Williamson, our latest challenger for the Mission Viejo city council.

Michael, who plans to retire in April of next year, is currently employed as a Sgt. in the LAPD. He has been married to his childhood sweetheart Danna for 32 years. They have two children ages 31 and 29. In his private law practice Michael “represents police officers accused of administrative misconduct in family matters.”

Michael said he is “a bit irritated with the day laborer issues..illegal affects the city” citing opportunity for “residential burglaries, vandalism and urinating in parks.”

Michael said that “quality of life issues” would be his main campaign theme.

His second concern deals with police services. While we have “traffic enforcement on main thoroughfares” we are “lacking similar coverage on the side streets where we have a large population of small children” that need to be protected. He also mentioned being a strong supporter of speed bumps to reduce speeding on our residential streets.

We recently passed, by a 3-2 split vote, a new Social Host Ordinance where parents are now accountable for teen drinking in their homes. Michael stated that he “would have voted to hold parents accountable.”

As to traffic related issues I asked for his opinion on the Toll Roads.  He said “I’d like to see the 241 extension go through.”

Recreation. He admitted that he has not followed the Murray Community Center expansion or the renovated Montanoso recreation centers.

After a quick input from the mid year budget review I asked for his thoughts about participation in the Jan 1, 2009 Rose Parade. He said “If the city has money..gravy time, for name recognition, spend it…if it enhances the city, do it.”

We than covered his campaign. He will not hire a campaign manager, is “not filing a Candidate Statement” and only plans “to spend $500 to buy some signs.”

Gilbert assessment. As we have a council majority of RINO’s you can never tell how the voters will react to Michael who called himself a “very conservative Democrat.”

Let’s be realistic here. It’s virtually impossible to be elected to any city council post without at least buying space on the Ballot with your 200 word max Candidate Statement.
As alwasy your comments are welcome.

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