Interview of Judy Rackauckas, latest candidate for Mission Viejo city council

As a result of council member Gail Reavis decision not to run for a third term the filing period has been extended to this Wednesday at 5 p.m.

I just interviewed Judy Rackauckas, our latest applicant for one of the two seats on the Mission Viejo city council. Yes, Judy is related to our District Attorney.  She is his sister-in-law and a 18 year resident of Mission Viejo.

Judy is employed as an accountant in a small Internet company.

In discussing local issues I asked her what prompted her to jump into the race. Her first comment was her concern over “the money wasted on the easels” which has been blogged elsewhere (in Mission Viejo) as Easelgate.

Background for those not familiar with this local story. As part of the celebration of the opening of the Murray Center expansion 500 easels were used to display photos of the city. While being told that the cost was “x” and volunteers were used, another local activist, using the Public Records Act, discovered a much different picture and huge cost differential than told to the media. Apparently a senior member of city staff misled the local Register reporter who was performing a follow-up on that project cost.

She also questions the decision to enter a float in the Rose Parade saying “there are so many other needs in the city.” She added “why do we need it… “Mission Viejo is already known. Our high school football team is well known. “Are they going to put Mark Sanchez on it?”

At one point she did say that “maybe there are real reasons for these projects.”

When I asked for her opinion on the extension of the 241 Tollroad she replied “I am an environmentalist. I’m “really not for the extension.  will it make traffic better…more roads means more people.” She said she is “never for the Tollroad.”

Judy feels that “you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money” running for city council. She said “I don’t have a lot of money” and that  she has “no plans to take out a Candidate Statement.”

In her final remarks she closed saying “don’t float your money away.”

Note: When I called Judy she said “I just got in the door” adding “how were you able to find me so quickly.” That’s what we are able to do on the blogs.




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