Fullerton blog targets Councilman Dick Jones

I just stumbled across a new blog that serves the people of Fullerton, called Friends for Fullerton’s Future. They describe themselves thusly:

  • We support those who believe in the fight for our civil liberties, as well as holding government officials accountable for doing a good job.
  • We oppose those who support the idea that “it’s good enough”.
  • Good people and principles are worth our fight.Those that do good are Friends For Fullerton’s Future.

The focus of this new blog’s ire is Fullerton Councilman Dick Jones, who sounds like Yosemite Sam on helium.  The video above appears on this new blog and it also is on the blog’s accompanying YouTube Channel.

Jones has been described as a RINO – a Republican in Name Only.  He appears to be some sort of windbag.  I am enclosing a bonus video of him below:

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