Exclusive interview with Wayne Root, Part 2 – immigration & more!

How do you follow up an amazing exclusive interview by our own “El Luchador” blogger with Libertarian Party Vice Presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root?  With part two of that same interview!

The blogosphere is abuzz over part one of this interview.  Now you can watch the next segment, which includes discussions about lowering taxes (how timely!) and Root discloses a BIG secret about what happens to the U.S. economy when the U.S. Congress is in session.

Root also goes on to reveal his big plan…to get elected and make himself obsolete! He is the rare politician who DOESN’T want to be a career politician.  He just wants to get the freedom process started…

And Root talks about immigration!  If you won’t watch any of the other interview segments be sure to watch this one.

Finally, let me be clear about something.  I do think that the Barr/Root Libertarian ticket is a great one for most voters, but in particular I want to encourage all of you who are independent, decline-to-state voters to take a long, hard look at this ticket.  If you are unhappy with the Talibani Republicans and disgusted with the Democratic Congress, the Barr/Root ticket just might be what YOU are looking for.

You can watch part one of this interview at this link.  Find out more about Root’s campaign at this link and you can read about his running mate, Bob Barr, at this link.

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