Eight Gold Medals and a Billion Dollars!

Michael Phelps is arguably the greatest Olympian of all time.  How could he possibly mess something great like that up?  Well, it can be done and although he is just a swimmer guy…..he had better get rather sophisticated in the ways of celebrity…right off!  The high levels of exposure already find his associations with Aussie Gold Medal winner Stephanie Rice and Kellog’s Frosted Flakes as big talking points and issues of contention.

Ok, you are 23 years old….raised by your single mom and two nasty sisters that have probably ragged on you since early childhood.  You ran away from home in a sense by spending your entire waking hours in the swimming pool and fixated by staying away from home ….for as long as possible.  Your mom is this incredible Stage Mom who has plenty of time to run your life, your sisters and hers…and still has time to do four Campbell’s Soup Commercials.  This is tough duty……and for the last four years after Athens your life has just been one Pizza delivery after another.  So, the people of these United States do have empathy for the perils and issues that the great Michael Phelps has had to deal with.

The truth is that Stephanie Rice is a real cutey and they probably will look really good together on the front cover of People, Hello or US Magazine!  Access Hollywood will no doubt have a weekly “Michael Watch” to match those of “Lindsay, Britney, Jessica, Pam and Paris Watches”.  The rumors are that Phelps may wind up a billionaire!  It was refreshing to see his response after his eighth Gold Medal.  “Well, I’ll be back in 2012 for sure!  I have some more swimming to do!  Maybe in 2016….I’ll reconsider!”  It goes to show what a simple guy with a strong work ethic had on his mind right after the huge accomplishments.  Little did he know that his first and most important duty was to find the Biggest Entertainment, Accountant and Sports Attorney in the world….to protect him from the largess of “Global Celebrity”!  Michael probably thinks he can still go grab a beer and a pizza at Domino’s.  This is “Celebrity Culture Shock”.  Michael Phelps now needs to put on his Bill Gates and Donald Trump hat on…and keep it on.

It was interesting to see Mark Spitz……finally offer some advice to Michael after he realized that his record would be broken.  Spitz knows how the media and the hanger’s on….will want to eat you up.  It is very similar to those poor uneducated folks that win millions in the Lottery…and find out that the people around them turn out “Not to be their friends!”.  They find out that the closest group of “friends” you have….all work for the IRS!  These are realities that a cute 23 year old will have to deal with.  Worse than that is the relationship conflicts that will occur with his mom……people he has known for years and the millions of fans that he will have to please on a daily basis. 

Michael Phelps had better get a grip on his many product endorsements and we suggest only the following:  Omega, Mercedes or Lexus, Wheaties, FedEx or UPS!  No pharmacetical companies, No Product that is not the top in it’s field of endeavor.  Whoever got him the Frosted Flakes gig should be fired!  What next?  Furs are us!  This is the “Magic Moment” in his life that will require the greatest clarity, greatest judgement and the most serious of intentions!  Michael Phelps will have to learn that he does not have to be a mean spirited person to survive.  However, if he is not tough enough…..he may wind up a sad commentary.  These are important moments in his life.

All our prayers, best wishes and positive energy for the things he may do in the future.  Maybe, we all should pray for his future good judgements!

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