Bayh family has a history of losing big races

Who knew?  Possible Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Evan Bayh isn’t the first Bayh to saunter into politics.  Nope.  It turns out his daddy, “Birch Evans Bayh II,” preceded Evan as a State Senator from the State of Indiana.  But Daddy Birch LOST to none other than Dan Quayle in 1980, when Quayle attacked his “liberal” record, according to Wikipedia.

But that’s not all!  Daddy Birch also lost the Democratic presidential nomination, in 1976, to a group of Democratic nominees that included eventual President Jimmy Carter.

Will Evan continue the Bayh history of losing big races?  Let’s see if Obama does indeed put him on the “Obayhma” ticket!  It will be quite ironic if McCain and his VP nominee end up attacking the “new” Bayh for HIS liberal record!

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