Will American voters embrace Michelle Obama?

As if Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama did not have enough problems – now his detractors are focusing their wrath on his wife, Michelle. “Cal Thomas said on Fox News last week that black women on television “are usually angry about something,” and singled out Michelle Obama, who also has made the cover of National Review as an angry “Mrs. Grievance,” and been referred to by Michelle Malkin as her husband’s “bitter half,” according to the Washington Times.

The attacks have been so awful that “a trio of black women launched a Web site, MichelleObamawatch.com, to monitor the coverage of the woman already disparaged as a “Baby Mama,” a racist and an unpatriotic radical.”

To make matters worse, “An Associated Press-Yahoo! News poll has found that 30 percent of the respondents view Michelle Obama favorably and 35 percent unfavorably,” according to an online news site.  That same poll found that “Cindy McCain was viewed favorably by 27 percent and unfavorably by 17 percent.”

John and Cindy McCain

A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll found 51 percent viewing Michelle Obama favorably and 28 percent unfavorably.  Cindy McCain’s rating was 39 percent favorable and 23 percent unfavorable.

I also read that many supporters of Hillary Clinton are considering staying home in November instead of voting for Obama.

Can the Obamas reach these voters?  Will Americans give Michelle Obama a fair shake?  I hope so.  The alternative is extending the Bush disaster via John McCain.  I don’t know that this country can afford four more years of Bush-style policies, not to mention a total lack of diplomacy!

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