Web of GOP corruption ensnares Shawn & Michelle Steel

GOP web of deceit

As the investigation into GOP operative Adam Aleman, who blogged for both the Flash Report and Red County San Bernardino, continues to unfold several familiar Republican faces are beginning to emerge.  Now California Republican National Committeeman Shawn Steel and his wife Michelle Steel, who is on the State Board of Equalization, have been caught up in the scandal.

Apparently Aleman was retained by Shawn Steel to collect proxies this past February in order to ensure that Steel would defeat the incumbent RNC Committeeman, Tim Morgan, who had angered the machine Republicans who run the CA GOP, according to the San Bernardino Sun.  Steel won, but since that victory hundreds of proxy votes collected by Aleman and other Steel operatives have been invalidated.  Steel now appears to have won by only 30 votes.

This is where Michelle Steel comes in.The grand jury investigation also discovered that the state Board of Equalization had given Aleman another kind of waiver in 2007 – one that would allow him to work as assistant assessor, earning $119,000 a year, despite not having the experience and appraiser’s certificate required to be in that position. Steel’s wife, Michelle, holds a seat on the board,” according to the San Bernardino Sun.

John Hrabe, Michelle Steel’s spokesman, said the temporary certificate was not issued by Steel and that employees of the board typically issue more than 230 such certificates each year.”

The San Bernardino Assessor, Bill Postmus, believed that Aleman did not collect any proxies while he was on county time, as an Assistant Assessor.  Yet Aleman has indeed been charged with working on political campaigns while on county time.

What about the fellow who ran Shawn Steel’s campaign?  Mike Richman has “been contracted for $49,200 to work for the Assessor’s Office.”  So Michelle Steel rewarded the guy who got her husband elected by throwing work his way.  I wonder if that work was even put out to bid?

You have to wonder if Aleman was also blogging on county time.  So far the Editors of Flash Report and Red County 909, I mean San Bernardino, have not been subpoenaed, as far as I know.  Perhaps they will be.

The fact is, this sort of corruption is typical for GOP players in California, sad to say.  What is coming to light in San Bernardino is just the tip of the iceberg.  We can only hope that this scandal will grow even more and take down dozens of these corrupt Republicans in the process.  Their party will be better off for it.

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Update: Our readers have pointed out the fact that Truong “Tomahawk” Diep works for State Assemblyman Van Tran – but he also worked on Dina Nguyen’s failed Supervisorial election this year.  Did Diep conduct politics on state time?  He also blogs for Red County/OC Blog – does he blog on state time?  Is the picture above what Diep is headed for?

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