We will miss you Tony!

The making of the Fox News Network has truly been created not so much by Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity.  The Fox News Network has been given the great credibility that it may or may not deserve because of Britt Hume, Neil Cavuto and the inimitable – Tony Snow!  The passing of Tony Snow today is a great loss to America!

Tony Snow was a handsome guy that was not only thoughtful, logical and concerned about issues…..but his feel for the truth of the story was something that came out in every commentary.  It was sad to see Tony’s health start to fail…tough to watch him have to leave his Press Secretary duties for President Bush…even tough to watch him sign on with CNN.

We rail unrelentedly about the effusive, angled, hyperbole of Cable and Network news.  Tony Snow was one…..that was not pointed out in this regard.  We could name 100 other news reporters that never make a statement that isn’t biased or tilted in some way.  Not Tony!  He had agreed with the President and disagreed.  Tony was someone that made you happy even when things weren’t going so well.  Even in his darkest days fighting the cancer that would eventually take him…..he intrepidly fought on!

We will miss you Tony….you brought a lot to the party and we won’t forget!


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