U.C. workers want a 50% pay increase and will strike on Monday

Do you know any U.C. students?  Thing could get a bit woolly for them next week as “8,500 University of California employees may hit the picket lines beginning Monday to protest a deadlock over wage increases,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

The Bee is also reporting that “The strike involves workers represented by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3299, who perform housekeeping, cafeteria and security services on UC campuses. The strike is planned to run though Friday at UC’s 10 campuses and five medical centers, including UC Davis facilities in Sacramento and Davis.”

The union wants to increase their lowest wages from $10 an hour to $15 an hour.  U.C. officials have offered an increase to $11.50 and $12 an hour.  That amounts to about a twenty percent increase, which seems rather fair to me.  They argue otherwise.  The video clip above explains the union’s position.

In a time of recession, when our state is drowning in debt, does it makes sense for these union workers to ask for such a huge pay increase, or to go on strike?  Couldn’t their work be subbed out to private contractors for even less?

Why should U.C. students and the State of California have to pay more just so these workers can increase their pay by fifty percent?  When was the last time any of you got a fifty percent pay increase?  Is it just me or is this strike just plain nuts?

If these people want to make more money shouldn’t they go back to school and get educated?  Or learn a trade?  You can make far more money as a painter than you can as a janitor.

I did notice on the union’s website that they offer scholarships to their workers and their families.  Good!  That’s what these folks need to do – get their high school equivalency certificates, and enroll at a junior college.  They will never make great money in their current occupations, nor should they expect to.

I wonder how much money the union organizers make?  They will likely keep drawing their huge incomes next week while the workers go without while embroiled in an unnecessary strike.

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