To counter our stories Mission Viejo creates its own “blog”

It was due to happen. Years ago Mission Viejo tried to control the local OC Register by threatening to stop paid announcements.

My oversight. Although I know the background of why the city considered  dropping all paid ads I failed to explain their motivation in the original post. It was due to the vast number of negative Letters about the city which we wrote that were published in the local edition of the OC Register.

Most recently they have expressed concern over local blog reports such as “easelgate,” “firegate” and our coverage of city council meetings that you have read about in multiple blogs as well as the OC Register. We have recently questioned their judgment on participation in the Rose Parade where our city manager is an official. In fact, the city has already blocked a few areas along the parade route and have tickets for sale at $85 each.

Thanks to the First Amendment they cannot control our content.

So the way to combat this challenge is to create a city blog that surely will control what “watchdogs” are permitted to post. We would need to register, which is SOP for all blogs. The city will retain the data base. It is possible that one or more members of the Mission Viejo city council, and perhaps other cities, has signed on anonymously. If so, this may lead to violations of the Ralph M. Brown open meeting law if they are discussing city policy actions.

Folks. As an active member of this blog I know how many hours I devote to researching data and posting stories. Can you guess as to how much time Art Pedroza dedicates to the Juice? As such we will probably need to hire two full time staff members to post city controlled content and administer the city of Mission Viejo blog.
So welcome to the “Liberal Republican majority” of the Mission Viejo city council who claim to promote “limited” government. After last weeks council meeting I discovered that we have as many (FTE’s) employees working in our city library than the entire city of RSM. Bear in mind we are a Contract City and do not have our own police or fire departments, road crews or landscape contractors.  I believe the new library total will be 24 employees.

We often drive along the roads and see vehicles which stickers on their rear windows with a single word. “Truth.” Sadly our city manager and his upper staff cannot handle the truth that we share with the readers. As such this is their attempt at “damage control” to offset being hammered for their acts. The independent blogs in Mission Viejo and Orange County will continue to do an effective job at exposing abuses wherever they raise their ugly heads.
Therefore, Mission Viejo blog, welcome to the blogosphere.

PS: Council Members Ledesma and Ury each created their own blogs a few years ago. See how active they are if in fact they still exist. How much staff time does the city intend to devote in creating the blog? Time is money!

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