Should LA Clipper Chris Kaman play for Germany in the Olympics?

As I did not use my cell phone while driving this afternoon I listened to a lively debate on ESPN radio. The issue relates to LA Clipper Center Chris Kaman trying out for the German basketball team for the Olympic games.
Although Chris is an American citizen his great grandparents were from Germany. As he was not selected to represent the American team he wants to play in the 2008 Olympics. Chris applied for and just received dual citizenship from Germany. If he makes the cut he would be playing alongside Dallas Maverick’s power forward Dirk Nowitzki.

What do these games represent to you?

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Not to put a “spin” on your vote but consider the opening ceremony where every athlete walks to the center of the stadium behind one athlete who is carrying the flag of their country. Also consider the victory stand where flags of the three finalist countries are raised and the winning athlete or team’s national anthem is played.

Should Chris make the team would he be knocking out an athlete from Germany to be on that squad?

There are more questions than answers in some peoples minds.

And the survey question. How do you feel about Chris representing another country in the games?

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