Sanchez ally gunning for Lisa Woolery’s RSCCD Board seat

As previously reported, Dr. Art Lomeli, a Republican who runs a dental office in downtown Santa Ana, has pulled papers to run against fellow Republican Lisa Woolery in Area 3 of the Rancho Santiago Community College District.  But that is not the big news.

Marc Sussman, a Democrat who has been a political operative for Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, also has pulled papers to run against Woolery, according to a pajarito.

There are possibly two other candidates in the mix – one is a schoolteacher.  They are not confirmed yet.

Lomeli is thought to be running at the suggestion of outgoing RSCCD Trustee Al Amezcua, who is allegedly trying to load the RSCCD Board with allies who will vote to put RSCCD money in his Santa Ana Business Bank.  Woolery is opposed to that deal.

Sussman is a smart guy with lots of contacts.  I imagine he will have Congresswoman Sanchez’ support as well.  And he has plenty of issues to run on.  The RSCCD should have fired Santa Ana College President Erlinda Martinez  after she was caught building a secret shower in her office – and after she allowed the College’s fire alarm and sprinkler system to fall into disrepair.  And they blew $30 million on the Carona Sheriff Training Facility – that was money for Santa Ana College!


Mark McLaughlin, the co-chair of the fraudulent Measure G tax increase, is apparently going to pull papers for the Amezcua RSCCD seat today.  That will give Mexican haters in the district someone they can get behind.  And this means that Amezcua wants a guy in the race who will definitely vote to put RSCCD money in the Santa Ana Business Bank.  McLaughlin lives in Miguel Pulido’s Floral Park Neighborhood.  He was one of the main instigators in the recall of former SAUSD Trustee Nativo Lopez.  McLaughlin is a Pulido Democrat.

UPDATE: There is word coming in now that Sussman is not running after all.  Lomeli is an ally of Michele Martinez, who is close to Sanchez.  It may well be that Martinez asked Sanchez to all off Sussman.  Ironically Sussman worked closely with Martinez in the effort against Santa Ana’s Measure D – and the campaign was run in the basement of Lomeli’s downtown Santa Ana office.

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