Rosie Avila wants you to learn English!

Rosie Avila

If you were trying to lose, and lose bad, while challenging Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, it would make sense to make illegal immigration the cornerstone of your campaign.  It appears that Republican Rosie Avila, who is running for the 47th Congressional District, is looking to lose by a very wide margin, as she was interviewed by the O.C Register on July 3, and she did indeed focus on immigration.

When asked about amnesty, Avila said she was not for it, and that Ronald Reagan screwed up when he signed off on an Amnesty measure.  And then she dropped this bomb, “I think people on all sides would love my immigration views.”  Wow!  I think Avila might need a drug test!

Avila’s other big issue is learning English.  She talked about how her parents left Guatemala and came here to the U.S. with only $1,000.  And her dad did learn English.  However, she fails to note that her parents were Germans before they were Guatemalans.  Any linguist can tell you that English is founded, in large part, in the German language.  It is far easier for a person who speaks German to learn English than for a person who speaks only Spanish to do so.  Spanish is rooted in Latin and Arabic.

Avila then dropped the Homeland Security card:

We need to let people into our country who work to help our economy. And also, we need to have national security. We need to screen people, if they’re terrorists, or if they’re drug lords, or if they’re criminals. We have to keep our country safe and our people safe.

Were any of the 911 terrorists Mexicans?  I know that over 300 Mexicans died in the 911 attack – but NONE of them were terrorists.  And why doesn’t Avila want a wall to be built at our norther border?  She is of course pushing for a border wall on our southern border.

And what exactly can Avila do in our economy?  Has she ever held a real job?  I have seen her unedited writing – it is absolutely atrocious.  She may speak English but she can barely write in English.

I realize that the OC GOP leader put Avila up in the primary in order  out Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist.  But now they are stuck with Avila.  And as usual they have no hope of taking out Congresswoman Sanchez…

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