Research wonk says Bustamante was just joking

Some guy named “K. Lloyd Billingsley” wrote a commentary in today’s O.C. Register defending Santa Ana Clowncilman Carlos Bustamante for his “water-bra” comments.  Billingsley compared what Busty said to former Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante’s infamous use of the “N-word,” which had no repercussions on his political career (which to be fair was already a joke).

Billingsley wrote that Busty’s comment was just a joke and we are being too sensitive.  This guy Billingsley actually works for a research institute!  That is truly hard to believe.

The fact is, Busty’s comment was wrong because of the implication that Sheriff Hutchens got her job merely because she was a woman. It is hard to believe that Busty works for the County in a position of hiring and firing people. He is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger did the right thing in asking Busty to fall on his sword.  The fact is, he never should have appointed Busty to the state Fair Housing and Employment Commission.  Busty simply was not qualified for the job.  That Commission is populated by lawyers and other professionals and most of them are women who are better educated and better qualified to be on that Commission than Busty will EVER be.

It is hard to believe that anyone would defend Busty’s comments.  The good news is that I know of several ladies who are considering taking him on in November.  He won’t survive such a challenge and will soon be off the Santa Ana City Council.

Perhaps Billingsley’s dorky research institute can hire Busty to be their spokesperson on harassment issues.  Good luck with that!

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