Red County blogger Jeff Flint is the Prop. 8 consultant

Jeff Flint, the Prop.8 consultant, defines marriage his way

Jeff Flint, the Prop.8 consultant, defines marriage his way

So who are the nefarious forces behind Prop. 8 – the measure to deny California’s gay community the right to marry? A blog called My DD (Direct Democracy) has put up a post by a fellow named Chino Blanco that goes to great lenghts to point the finger at the Prop. 8 culprits.

Apparently a fellow named David Benkoff, who was the proprietor of a blog called “Gays Defend Marriage,” became upset with the forces behind Prop. 8 – so he took down his website and quit the campaign.  Blanco then theorized that perhaps Benkoff was disgusted at the folks running the Prop. 8 campaign.

So who are the consultants to Prop. 8? None other than Schubert Flint Public Affairs – the brainchild of Jeff Flint, who is a blogger over at Red County. Flint is also a longtime friend of Red County Editor Matt/Jubal Cunningham and a former legislative chief of staff to Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle, who is also a political consultant.  Flint also ran Pringle’s mayoral campaign in 2002 and his failed State Treasurer campaign in 1998.

Flint, and his partner Frank Schubert, who has admitted that McCain’s campaign is “dead” in California, hired a gal named Jennifer Kerns to be the Communications Director for Prop. 8. And what has Kerns communicated thus far about Prop. 8? Check out this unbelievable statement by Kerns, “One of our campaign cornerstones will be the fact that if the initiative [to ban gay marriage in California] doesn’t pass that public schools will be forced to teach the difference between gay marriage and traditional marriage.”

Unbelievable. Perhaps the schools should teach about how so many conservative Christians are divorced, undermining marriage in the process, no?

But what about Flint himself? Blanco found that Flint is a staffer for an association of security guards! Classic! Who knew the rent a cops had their own association? Do they know that Flint is trying to stop Prop. 8? I would imagine that the security guards who are gay won’t be very happy about that.

I previously wrote about the sleaze in Anaheim, where Flint got a job pimping for Earthlink Wi-Fi and sure enough his boy Pringle had the City of Anaheim sign up with Earthlink, even though the deal sucked for the residents of Anaheim – better systems are already cropping up.

Flint was also the consultant on the Measure M renewal campaign – which extended a sales tax increase.  In Santa Ana the local City Clowncil is trying to use that money to build a street car connecting their lame downtown with the one in Garden Grove.

The fact that Flint is running Prop. 8 should give us all hope. He has a long history of raising tons of money, spending it, and then losing. He lost this year in fact as the consultant to a fundraiser for Doug Ose, who lost a congressional race to Tom McClintock.

Another GOP consultant, Arnold Steinberg, pointed out Flint’s mistakes in a column published by the L.A. Times, “Putting Proposition 8 on a high-turnout November presidential election ballot is dumb. Trying to pass it once same-sex marriages have become a legal, daily occurrence throughout the state is dumber. And now, if Californians vote it down, conservatives can’t blame judicial tyranny for imposing same-sex marriage on the unhappy masses.”

And Flint did a fine job of looking stupid recently in a Red County post, where he wrote this about Barack Obama, “I’m for change….blah blah blah…I’s for bringing people together…blah blah blah…let me quote Obama some more….blah blah blah….” Wow. Flint doesn’t think he needs any votes from Obama supporters? He is writing them all off even though his own partner thinks that Obama is going to wipe out McCain in California? How completely asinine!

Be sure to read Blanco’s entire post as he went to great lengths to discover all of Flint’s assorted activities.

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