R.E.D. Alert: Forclosure slip? Free booze on the house!

R.E.D.(Real Estate Diversion) Alert. When you need to take a break from politics, give your mind a rest in Real Estate.

I don’t think anyone has yet mentioned the R-Word around here in any serious fashion, so I’ll say it:  Recession.   There is an old joke among economists that states: A recession is when your neighbor loses his job.  A depression is when you lose your job.  It sure is looking like a full-blown recession has settled in.  I know a good number of people who are now out of work.  Some analysts are predicting a Depression before things get better.  I don’t know if I endorse that level of gloom and doom, but there are a number of businesses who are calling out the R-Word boldly, and they are trying their best to  make things a little easier on their clients.

Introducing  Recession Concessions. The idea is to offer promotions that will bring in customers during recessionary times.  Booze is often a standard haven for the worried and Arizona ranks third on the list of leading forclosure states, so it might not come as a suprise that a local AZ establishment is offering a free drink of choice if a notice of foreclosure is brought in.

So far, no one has tried to redeem a foreclosure slip at Padre’s Modern Mexican, in Phoenix, for a free drink on the house, despite the six week (so far) offer.   Maybe this guy is just calling it all wrong and this economy is not in an actual recession.  Any bets if he will get any takers?  Any bets if he will get a number of takers as time rolls forward?

The owner already has a recession happy hour promotion that has sales booming and up over 22% during the past two months.  He’s also planning to offer free rides to and from his restaurant on Saturday nights to help patrons avoid the cost of gasoline on their night out.

There are other Recession Concessions promotions going on in other locations, as reported by CNN Money, if you’re interested in reading more.

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