R.E.D. Alert: Does the City Care at All?

R.E.D.(Real Estate Diversion) Alert. When you need to take a break from politics, give your mind a rest in Real Estate.

Do you remember this place?  No, it’s not your typical fixer-upper foreclosure in Santa Ana  going for a 70% discount.             😉

twist basler home

Hint: It is a valuable piece of Santa Ana history and it’s just rotting there in the elements on construction site, One Broadway Plaza.

Hint: It used to look like this:     Vintage Twist Basler

If you guessed it is the historic Twist-Basler House of Santa Ana, you’d be right.

Sometime in 2006, it was cut up into sections by developer Michael Harrah who wanted the land for a pie-in-the-sky dream of building the tallest tower in all of Santa Ana during the recent real estate boom-turned-bust.  Not much has become of his dreams, but much more notable, is what has become of the Twist-Basler House on Mike’s filthy construction site.  Remember, Michael Harrah had promised to take care of the building by moving it and hooking up all the utilities, so that restoration of the house could begin on another lot in the city.  He promised.

Yet the Twist-Basler House has not yet been safely relocated.  Here are some example pictures of this historic home today.   You’ll get the idea. It’s a big old mess.  Ben Dayhoe will especially love the creative graffiti that some tagger added to the home in the bottom picture.

Want to view more of Michael’s Mess?  Click to see more photos.

Last summer, The Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society opined that the Twist-Basler home has been sitting like this (now, for over 18 months!) -exposed to the elements, vermin, decay and vandalism. In an update, titled  Does the City Care At All? concerned citizens were encouraged to write to the Mayor and council members about the alarming conditions of a once beautiful piece of Santa Ana real estate and history.  Those efforts fell on deaf ears.  Michael Harrah’s accomplices in city chambers are still mum today.

I’d say Michael Harrah has welched on his promises.  Does the City Care at All?


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