Mooning and Flashing in America!

For those who had no clue…yesterday commemorated the 29th year of a very public event which is always held at the Mugs Away Saloon across Camino Capistrano from a train track that carries both Amtrak and Metrolink.  The name of the event:  “Mooning Amtrak”!  This year the event drew between eight and ten thousand people…accroding to police reports.

Why the end of the 80’s contributed to this type of behavior along the Amtrak line is hard to determine.  In those good old days….there was no particular time of day or date to let Amtrak have it.  Sometime you never knew whether or not it was the MetroLine or Amtrak coming.  It didn’t matter though. This conduct wasn’t organized at all.  Just show up at the beach, summertime and pull down those beach togs to the passing old folks riding that noisy “Iron Horse”!  It was sort of saying:  “We don’t need no stinking mass transit…in So. Cal…!”  Was there some deeper more metaphysical reason for this conduct that we could determine?  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, like anything else…..these traditions grow, become more organized and the next thing you know you have the “Sawdust Festival”, “The Do-Dah Parade”, or “Moon River for Amtrak”!  The OC Sheriff’s arrived….alerted by the thousands of cars, drunk and disorderly revelers and a chain link fence that featured a variety of patterned buttocks!  Amazingly, there was no photo op for our new Sheriff.  Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach wasn’t in attendance, that we know of and in fact there weren’t even any fights between drunk people or reported arrests for conflicts with law enforcement.  Wow, an actual public display of American Values:  Dump that Tea into Boston Harbor or Moon Amtrak….it all goes to proves the Independence and Freedoms in America are alive and well.

Yet, with all this celebration of Individual Freedom of Expression….the next thing you know….you have real lawbreakers and excesses with Professional Photographers having “affairs” with 14 year old girls….set up by their own girlfriends – you have “Flashers” along mountain trails…..not even caught in compromising positions because of the “Call of the Wild”.  You have Clerics, School Teachers, Bureaucrats, Politicians and the Very Rich…..all “freaking out”!  Doing things that your Mom would have had to slap your “you know what” for!

Some pillars of our society seem to be attacking the least able to defend themselves….children, pregnant women or our unrepresented homeless.  Shocking murders of children and women is a very disturbing trend.  Many people seem to be facing their frustrations with radical solutions.  Having healthy outlets doesn’t seem to be an option in some quarters.  The terrible rape, robbery and killing of students and those that live alone is startling. The financial pressures, the frustrations of providing a good living style for your family….all contribute to desparate and unredeeming conduct.  A school system that allows graduation without knowing how to read….. But let’s get back to something less offensive – Mooning!    We doubt any of those truly wrong doers we have mentioned  – were out there bare butting the Amtrak yesterday in Capo Beach.

The chances are that most “Amtrak Mooners” don’t take Prosac, Viagra or have hair implants!  They are not sold on Fox News, CNN or QVC! They are cut from the same cloth as those same type of people that created the “Tri-Cycle races in Newport Beach back in the 70’s!”  That came along during the last “Gas Pump Crisis in 1976!”.  They all have in common a kind of a built-in BS detector!  They might even be considered – optomists!  Hopeful that their actions will contribute to some semblance of future intelligence!  They still think it is America and not another dominio in the One World Order!

Expressing this frustration with society, bureaucracy, the government, big greedy companies and other not too thoughtful citizens…..creates an ongoing atmosphere of “Revolution” and sometimes permits actions which not only show contempt for others behavior – but contempt for ourselves!  We want to congratulate the approximately 10,000 citizens that bared it all to show “Big Government” and “Big Transporation”….they are still wasting our money right here in Orange County!  Hopefully, the citizens of San Diego did carry on the same tradition or will do so next year!  We hate being alone!

For those that got DUI’s driving home…..”Sorry!”  For those that missed the big event this year…..maybe you can mark your calendar now:  July 12, 2009!, (It might be the 13th….because of the change of calendar!)  Mugs Away Saloon – Camino Capistrano, Capo Beach!  Chances are you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of fun – interesting people including many On Duty Orange County Sheriff Officers!


“For the first time in the event’s 29-year history, police are closing down the 29th annual Mooning of Amtrak because of big crowds and heavy drinking Saturday afternoon,” according to the O.C. Register. Some of the revelers complained that the officers were too heavy-handed in shutting down the event as there had not been any unruly behavior.

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