Mission Viejo city council compensation. Part 2

My prior post on Mission Viejo city council compensation addressed a potential increase of the compensation of Mission Viejo council members from $500 to upwards of $1,300 per month. Following is a transcript of the July 7th council meeting discussion of Agenda Item #35 which relates to this topic that you can view at your pleasure on the city’s streaming video.

After a presentation regarding increased monthy council compensation by city attorney Bill Curley, mayor Trish Kelley said “I would like to.. appoint an ad hoc to review… and I would like to ask council member MacLean  ..to serve.. and council member Ledesma..would you like to serve on that?  John Paul responds saying “Madam mayor..of all the issues that I could focus on, that’s not one that I have a great deal of passion for..so I would rather focus on economic development.” Mayor Kelley responded “I Don’t think it will be a long term committment but I will serve with councilman MacLean on that and we will have some meetings.. and take a look at the information out there..”
Council Member Reavis asked to be recognized and said ” Mayor. I want to make a comment. I’m not supporting this now or in the future..we’ve had many conversations here that we don’t do this for the money and a month and a half ago or so it was a brutal exercise in what’s going to happen with the retiree medical of which none of us will be participating in either.. so since we’ve decided that this is a part time job and is almost volunteer .. umm, I just want everyone to know since this will not be coming back for a while..that I will not be supporting it no matter what they come back with. Thank you.”

On hearing Gail, member MacLean than states “Based on that I prefer not to serve, thank you.”

 At this point you hear Member Ury say he would do it. Mayor Kelley closes this item by stating that Council Member Ury and I will come back with the information.
And now for the bottom line.

What triggered this whole compensation exercise anyway? In my prior post I mentioned a June 30th  internal document (from Director Irwin Bornstein) that I received stating that “The following information is in response to questions from several councilmembers.”

I say that because if you watch the video you might get the impression that this whole exercise was the brainstorm of the city management when in truth it was at the request of two councilmembers

 Which one’s you might ask?
We now can respond to that question. A June 30th email from Irwin Bornstein reads: “It was Lance and Trish who asked about this.”

So here we have Mayor Trish Kelley appointing Lance and herself to the ad-hoc sub committee to propose a wage increase. Talk about having a “conflict of interest.”
Once council member Gail Reavis expressed her position I have to commend Lance for removing himself from that ad hoc team.

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