Jesse Ventura says both parties are to blame for the mess we’re in

He’s back!  Former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, says he is thinking of running an independent campaign for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Republican Norm Coleman and his Democratic challenger, comedian Al Franken.

“Ventura’s campaign would tag Franken as a “carpetbagger” and Coleman a “chickenhawk.” With a gubernatorial record that includes a light rail system and property tax reform, Ventura’s platform would be a Ross Perot-style hit on the huge deficit, a commitment to campaign finance reform and even a pledge to allow “None of the above” as an option on ballots, along with a call to end the war. He says he would be “the biggest pain in the ass they have ever had on the Senate floor,” according to Variety.

Ventura has made it clear that he is considering running against Coleman because of the latter’s support for the misguided war in Iraq.  But he also is upset about this nation’s gigantic federal deficit.  He told Newsweek that “Both parties are equally responsible for it. It’s over $9 trillion now. A baby born today is [already] $30,000 in debt.”

What does Ventura think of Al Franken?  He defends his past work as a comedian, but “Franken’s trailing by double digits, so clearly he’s not electable.”  Well, you can’t argue with that!

But can Ventura beat Coleman?  He has done it before.  When Ventura was Mayor of Brooklyn Park, in Minnesota, he became Governor of the state by defeating “Democratic Attorney General Skip Humphrey, scion of the state’s most revered political figure, and, yes, Coleman, then the Republican mayor of St. Paul.”

What about money?  Ventura told Newseek that “I will not spend the money that these people will spend. I live by simple creed that my father told me years ago. My father once said to me, “All politicians are crooks.”  I said, “Come on, Dad, how can you make a blanket statement like that?” He said because they spend a million dollars for a job that pays $100,000 a year. It’s based completely on panhandling and bribery. I despise that.”

In addition to his hatred for the war in Iraq, and Ventura’s animus for the burgeoning federal deficit, he also wants to pass a law “that you can only accept money in the state you’re running in, because that would weaken these two federal parties.”

Is it just me or is Ventura’s platform outstanding?  he has hit the nail on the head.  Both of our major parties have royally screwed up our economy and our country.  Think about it.  President George W. Bush had BOTH houses of Congress in his pocket for years – and what exactly did the Republicans accomplish?  And now the Democrats have had control of the U.S. Congress for some time – and we are STILL in Iraq and our economy is tanking worse than ever!

I think Ventura makes too much sense!  And the people of Minnesota just might vote for him again.  Will his message resonate across this nation?  And after the Democrats take the White House, and keep both houses of the U.S. Congress, will Ventura become a national leader when they fail to do much to change the slipperly slope we are on?  I suspect his message will become a popular one.  I hope he runs!


Ventura says he will announce tonight, July 14, on CNN’s “Larry King Live” whether or not he will run.  In related news, Al Franken now has a Democratic challenger, Ms. Priscilla Lord Faris, an attorney.  Her father is a retired federal judge in Minnesota who remains active in Democratic circles.

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