Is THAT why Al Amezcua is not running again for the RSCCD Board?

Valerie and Al Amezcua

Valerie and Al Amezcua

I have been theorizing for some time that Al Amezcua (pictured above with his daughter Valerie), a Trustee for the Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD) Board, has been trying to direct public bond money into the Santa Ana Business Bank (SABB).  Amezcua is a board member of SABB. Last week Amezcua announced he was walking away from the RSCCD Board of Education, and he said at the time that he was doing so to allow for new blood on the board.

However, sources are now telling me that the real reason Amezcua is leaving the RSCCD Board is that the RSCCD is going to have two bond measures on the November ballot – and Amezcua wants that money for the SABB.  He allegedly wants it so badly that he is willing to lose political power in the process.

Of course I am also told that Amezcua has already reached out to Lynette Verino, the only announced candidate for his seat on the RSCCD Board.  Will he try to help her get elected so that she will help direct the bond money to his bank?

Amezcua chaired the Measure G campaign that increased property taxes for the Santa Ana Unified School District.  His daughter Valerie was a prominent backer of that bond measure and she is now a candidate for the SAUSD Board of Education.  And her best friend, Mayoral candidate and Santa Ana Council Woman Michele Martinez, actually quit her job at a predatory lender to work for the Measure G campaign.

Martinez’ adviser, Dr. Art Lomeli, who runs a dental office in downtown Santa Ana, is also running for the RSCCD Board, against Republican incumbent Lisa Woolery.  Lomeli is also a Republican. I don’t know where Lomeli stands on the new RSCCD bond measures.  He did support Measure G.

Will Amezcua and the SABB make a play for all that bond money?  My pajaritos say yes.  But it sure stinks.  The SABB board is replete with politicians and Santa Ana City Commissioners.  Amezcua might think he is absolving himself of conflict of interest by walking away from the RSCCD Board, however let’s see how active he is in supporting Verino and the RSCCD incumbents.

As an RSCCD Trustee Amezcua participated in the expenditure of some $30 million on the Carona Sheriff Training Facility.  That money was supposed to be spent at Santa Ana College.  The RSCCD Board also refused to fire anyone after Santa Ana College administrators were caught ignoring faulty fire alarms and sprinkler systems.  And they did not fire Santa Ana College President Erlinda Martinez after she was caught building a secret shower in her office – without board permission.

I am glad Amezcua is leaving the RSCCD Board.  But how we need to keep an eye on him and his collaborators.  This battle is far from over.


A pajarito reports that the RSCCD Board is sitting on a pile of money RIGHT NOW.  Apparently three of them want to put the money in Al’s bank and three of them don’t.  And he can’t vote on this.  Thus the reason to step down when his term ends.  Apparently Al is backing Verino and Lomeli in the hope that they will vote to invest in his bank.  Say it ain’t so!

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