Is “skulduggery” in play in the 2008 Mission Viejo city council election

Six years ago we had a well organized “grass roots” and I.E. effort to remove both the Mission Viejo mayor and Vice Mayor and we succeeded by a three to one vote. There were no surprises as to our objective in that November city council election. You can still find OC Register Senior Editorial Writer and Columnist Steve Greenhut’s editorial on that victory which he labeled “The Revolution in Mission Viejo.”

Well, as we approach another city council election I am hearing about some “skulduggery” at work among one or more of our current council members. According to multiple sources, Mayor Kelley and (possibly) Vice Mayor Ury have convinced Planning Commissioner Rich Atkinson to run for a seat on the council in their attempt to remove council woman Gail Reavis.

Note: As reported previously. Member Reavis and Ury are up for reelection.

Politics truly is a “combat sport.” And candidate supporters learn that while we may work our tails off getting candidates elected, while simultaneously defeating deeply connected incumbents, the new members memory of prior campaign assistance disappear, in some cases, shortly after taking their Oath of Office.

Case in point. As stated before I have not endorsed Gail Reavis for the 2008 election. However it is worth reporting on Rick And Gail Reavis’s in-kind contributions to the election of Trish Kelley in 2002 where, according to Trish, I served as her campaign manager.

Where shall I begin. Let’s start with Council Woman Reavis endorsement of Trish taking a huge risk going against two powerful incumbents.

Rick Reavis designed our campaign sign logo and made arrangements for favorable pricing in our very tight budget.  He also assisted in constructing her yard signs. Through Rick Reavis’s connection we were able to get a huge discount on the design layout, printing and mailing of our final campaign flyer that, according to Trish’s husband Jack Kelley, made the difference in Trish’s huge victory margin.
As Gail served on the Fire Authority the Reavis’s promoted Trish to the Fire Authority union and not only did she get their endorsement and funding but the Reavis’s went back and were able to get a secondary contribution resulting in the thousands of much needed dollars for the campaign.

There’s more. In our final flyer you see a photo of Trish in the Reavis neighbor’s Model “A” Ford that was used to drive her around town. Hosting a coffee for Trish, having lunch at the Sierra Recreation Center daily to increase resident usage numbers to keep the center from the wrecking ball, etc., etc.  Larry. That’s all old news.

Yes, Gail Reavis can be a pain as she serves in the minority trying to promote fiscal sanity among a band of RINO’s. The record will show that she has her flaws.

I have placed multiple calls to Mr. Atkinson who is a Code Compliance Officer in the city of San Clemente. We surely wish to interview him for the Orange Juice on two fronts.

Why is he a candidate? Incumbents will always tell voters that “everything is honkey dory.” If that’s the case, why are two (or more) members of our city council promoting him in this years election?

Mr Atkinson. To repeat myself.  Why have you thrown your hat into the arena?

UPDATE: Mr. Atkinson has just returned my call.

See stand alone post of that interview that will follow shortly.

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