Is getting beaten to a pulp part of Mater Dei football?

“A Mater Dei football player was taken to an emergency room this morning after a fight with another player during a campus practice left him with a concussion, broken teeth and a broken nose, his father said,” according to the O.C. Register.

Mater Dei officials did not call the police.  They did not call 911.  A Mater Dei assistant coach later said that the beating was “part of football.”  It sounds like attempted murder to me.

The player’s father asked to see video footage of the beating.  Apparently the Mater Dei coaches videotape their practices.  They refused the father’s request.  No problem.  He just needs to sue them then his lawyer can subpoena the video.

“School President Patrick Murphy described the fight as “simply a football incident. It escalated and they took swings at each other,” according to the O.C. Register.

The player who was first hospitalized, Jonathan Sedeno, was almost unconscious when his dad took him to the hospital.  The other player was also hospitalized.

I wonder if the Mater Dei coaches goaded these players into the fight?  They appear to have something to hide.  Murphy’s description of the incident is insulting to our intelligence.

Are vicious beatings a part of Mater Dei football?  This incident is a real black eye for Mater Dei football.  I thought kids were supposed to be safe at Mater Dei, as opposed to the kids outside of Mater Dei who have to deal with gang violence on a regular basis?

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