I saw a John McCain bumper sticker on the freeway!

No, seriously.  I was going north on the 405, it was somewhere in Costa Mesa.  I couldn’t get a photo of it because I was driving.  (Nothing comes up when you google-image McCain-bumper-sticker-freeway, but if you squint hard, the car above could say something like “THAT’s not change we can believe in – vote McCain!”)

Since we were both driving on the freeway I didn’t have a chance to ask the driver if he was supporting McCain because of his immigration reform bill or his subsequent repudiation of it, or his campaign finance bill or his subsequent repudiation of that, or his defiance of the Christian right’s “agents of intolerance” or his more recent embrace of them, or his desire to keep our troops in Iraq indefinitely or his more recent openness to the Maliki-Obama plan, or if he simply just thinks Barack might be a secret Muslim terrorist.

Still, it warmed my heart to know that, in this majority plurality-Republican county, the former POW, former maverick and current big-government “conservative” politician will be getting at least one vote!  That’s my boy!

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