“Hit piece” in Mission Viejo council race being drafted now!

While candidates are still pulling papers, the first “hit piece” in the 2008 Mission Viejo city council race is now being drafted.

Laguna Niguel Mayor Paul Glaab, who is also the local representative of ATS which has an exclusive contract with our city on citing cell towers, has just made a Public Records request on council member Gail Reavis.

For those unfamiliar with our history, and based on Paul’s request, it appears we need to turn the clock back to 2005 where this story begins. At that time the secretary of our former city manager filed a claim against the city for harassment naming Gail Reavis in that allegation.

The city is covered by the JPIA (insurance) which, according to Council Member Reavis, never provided advise nor defense in that action that the council majority approved resulting in a $10,000 settlement. To force an investigation councilwoman Reavis tells me she filed a claim against the city of Mission Viejo for $10 million “to get their attention” and it surely did. Gail tells me she “never intended to seek any funds.” Her sole reason for the huge amount was “to force an investigation and get peoples attention.” I am told that the city has always denied claims yet in this case did not take that position.

So folks that’s the long and the short of it.

But there is more to this story.

Laguna Niguel Mayor Paul Glaab has made a Public Records request “to see all detailed information surrounding the Council Member Reavis’ legal action against the City of Mission Viejo in 2005 for $10 million” including all related costs the city incurred.

If I am not mistake there is a new requirement from our state legislature that all elected officials have to take and pass a “mandatory ethics class” with the confirmation of course completion placed on file with your city clerk.

Is Paul Glaab inquiring on behalf of one or more candidates for the Mission Viejo city council? As he is not a resident of our city, and you typically do not include negative material in your standard mailings, I can only surmise that this discovery phase is to create a “hit piece” against council woman Reavis in this year’s election.  Is this action by Mayor Glaab how you spell ethics?

Larry. You have only been engaged in CA politics for the past 20 years. In fact if you can recall we even found signs in MV in 2006 that read “Reject Barker & Greenwood” that were paid for by the campaigns of John Paul Ledesma and Lance MacLean.

That was a first for me. Seeing signs opposing candidates, not just Ballot Measures.

So folks, when the mail arrives, remember you heard it first on the Orange Juice!

PS: This is not an endorsement of Gail Reavis. I am not supporting her in this race and have told her so.

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