Golden boyz for Governor!

Controversial San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom married actress Jennifer Siebel Friday (the couple is pictured above while hanging out at a NASA facility).  Gavin was formerly married to Fox News pundit/beauty Kimberly Guilfolye..which ended in 2007 because of bi-coastal problems which challenged their both very busy schedules.

Kimberly is a fine looking brunette and Jennifer is a fine looking blond.  So far Jen’s highlight film has been her bit part as “Jodie” in the recent film “The Valley of Elijah Elah”.  Jen has been kicking around the movie biz for the last few years but before that was a Stanford Business School grad… as they say in the trade….she is no dummie!

In the meantime, Newsom is busy doing the dance of the nervous politician regarding the recent three person killing by a precipitously released “illegal alien” after a traffic conflict……that seems to have put a short sheet downer on his unabated run for Governor when Arnold and Maria move out in 2010.  This is Gavee’s second marriage at 40 years old.  Newsom divorced Kimberly Guilfoyle in 2005 after a three year run because of a supposed affair with his secretary Ruby Rippey-Tourk – the wife of one of his campaign aides Alex Tourk, who resigned in protest. He then became engaged to actress Jennifer Siebel in December 2007.

Ethical concerns seem to keep dogging the Democratic frontrunners for Governor….Antonio Villaraigosa stuck a fork in his rise for the Gubernatorial slot when he was found to be having “a still married affair” with an on-air Hispanic News Reporter.  It is doubtful that Hispanic women throughout the State of California will easily forget that in 2010.  To his credit, after the initial “Bull Fighter” splash….of “Yes, we do it…..” Tony has attempted to regain some modicum of decorum.  Too little, too late……to be forgiven however!  He seems to be a nice guy….just not Gov material.

But what about “Favorite Son Newsom”?  This guy believes in all the most traditional San Francisco issues: “Sanctuary City”…”Don’t ask..Don’t tell!”, “Gay Marriage”, “Anti-Gun”.  Guess he thought that not policing illegal aliens was a smart thing to do…until….one of them shot down a father and his two sons! In 1992 Newsom made his bones with PlumpJack Wine Shop..”wine and cheese for the decerning taste!”  Maybe his campaign 2010 slogan will be: “Brie or me!”

The reality is….Newsom is “flawed goods”…and inspite of his good looks and hot looking new wife…….the chances of him being the next “Governator” are “nil and none”.  The guy who does have a shot however is our current Lt. Governor……John Garamendi.  Garamendi is the dutiful Democrat former Insurance Commissioner….who is actually smart enough to keep his mouth shut and “stand by to stand by”!  Garamendi is well liked oddly by members of both political parties and is close enough to being a “Uniter…than being a Divider”.  Sounds familiar huh?

Then there is our personal favorite, current Attorney General Jerry Brown – who presumably dated Linda Ronstadt…”You’re no good, You’re no good, You’re no good….baby you’re no good!”  Jerry has also been the most entertaining politician around.  Being a Jesuit trained brilliant type….he just seems to make things fun….wherever he goes.  Jerry refuses to let grass grow under his feet and we believe would be great for our dying California economy and Real Estate markets!

So, Congratulations to Gavin Newsom……what a guy!  Our question about your new bride are the following: (1) Did you do a pre-nuptial agreement? And (2) Do you think you can stay married this time until 2010?

Oh, and one more thing….where are you going on your honeymoon?

(We look forward to your choices for CA Governor… any party in 2010!)

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