George Collins for Mayor of Santa Ana!

I have good news and bad news.  I don’t think our co-blogger, Thomas Gordon, is going to run for Santa Ana Mayor after all.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that George Collins (pictured above), who ran two years ago for the City Council, against Sal Tinajero and Jennifer Villasenor, called me this morning to report that he is pulling papers.

The “Usual Suspects” have predictably united behind Pulido, as usual.  They are not happy with Collins or Gordon for not supporting Pulido.  Honestly, after 20 years of ineptitude how can anyone vote for Pulido?  Now I understand not wanting to vote for Council Woman Michele Martinez.  She started out well but ultimately sold out and ended up voting with Pulido 99% of the time.  She also worked to raise our taxes by taking a job on the fraudulent Measure G campaign.

Gordon called me yesterday to report that his water bill was a $100.  Martinez voted along with Pulido to raise our water rates twice in the last year.  I showed her evidence that the City of Santa Ana spends 11% more on administration of their water budget, as compared to other water districts of the same size.  And she still voted with Pulido.

Now we have a good alternative if we don’t want to vote for Pulido and can’t stomach voting for Martinez.  Collins is a documentary filmmaker who over the last two years has chronicled the stupidity of our City Clowncil on his website, Santa Ana Insight.  The videos he has archived there are utterly priceless.

Collins is known for zooming around town on a Segway scooter.  His wife, Janet, is originally from Peru, where Collins has shot many of his award winning travel documentaries.

Collins probably won’t win – but he will likely help Pulido lose.  If that means we have to put up with Martinez’ antics for two years, so be it.  She can be taken out in two years.  Pulido, as Collins put it, is a cancer.  The treatment for cancer is chemo.  Martinez is the chemo – not a fun process to go through but at least you get rid of the cancer!  Collins should know.  He is a cancer survivor.

Last night Gordon texted me with very disturbing news.  He was outside his house, in the evening, and a car passed by – but as it did so an unknown man stuck his hand out the window and pointed a gun at him.  That’s what this city has come to.  Gordon won’t be our savior this time around, I gather, but at least we can vote for Collins and feel good about it.

Collins, by the way, is the only Republican in the Santa Ana Mayoral race.  He was endorsed by the OC GOP two years ago and likely will once again get their endorsement.

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