Carlos Bustamante has already violated Santa Ana’s Code of Ethics three times!

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(Picture created by Gustavo Arellano of the OC Weekly’s Navel Gazing Blog)

What a month it has been for Santa Ana Clowncilman “Busty” Bustamante.  He had to resign last week from two State Commissions that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had appointed him, in the wake of his scandalous comment to SAPD Police Chief Paul Walters after Sandra Hutchens was appointed to be our new Orange County Sheriff.

Things won’t get any better for “Busty” this week as the City of Santa Ana announced their new “Code of Ethics.”  Let’s explore the ways “Busty” has already breached these “Codes of Ethics.”

Carlos Bustamante is a liar

Bustamante LIED after he told Walters that maybe he should have worn a “water bra” in order to better compete with Hutchens.  Bustamante told the press that he NEVER said that.  But his buddy Matt “Jubal” Cunningham, the Editor of the hard right Red County Blog, and an L.A. Times reporter both heard Bustamante make his incredibly stupid comment – and they quickly verified that he did in fact utter those words.  Bustamante LIED.  That would be strike one.

Carlos Bustamante has no respect

Did Busty treat Sheriff Hutchens with respect when he made his infamous comment about the water bra?  No!  So apparently Busty has NO RESPECT for appointed or elected officials who are women.  And Busty certainly did NOT “conduct himself in a courteous and respectful manner” when he made his “water bra” comment – while in a public place.  Strike Two!

Carlos Bustamante wastes public resources

Here is what the folks at the Liberal OC had to say in a post today about Busty’s proper use of public resources:

The problem with that story is that “Busty” is the Director of Administration, responsible for the OC Public Works Department Budget. He was required to be present at the Board of Supervisors meeting because of the budget hearings that day. As a county manager, “Busty” is paid for a full day of work if he shows up for two hours. Because he was present for the Budget hearings, he was most likely paid for the full day, although the County refuses to confirm this.

When “Busty” is attending the meetings of the Business Bank during his work day, is he taking time off in the form of vacation time? Or, like when he made his comments about Hutchen’s appointment, is he being paid by the taxpayers for a full day while conducting his personal business?

Is it a proper use of public resources for Busty to get paid for a full day of work, by the County of Orange, for going to a meeting for two hours?  Is it a proper use of public resources for Busty to go to Board Meetings of the Santa Ana Business Bank while he is on the County dime?  No!  Strike Three!

Why does the City of Santa Ana have a Code of Ethics for elected and appointed officials if they are not going to enforce any of it after one of the Santa Ana Clowncilmen has violated three distinct aspects of this Code?

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