A bit late, but here they are… July 4 photos!




Our town may have the oldest and largest July 4 parade west of the Mississippi (we do) but Huntington Beach’s progressive patriots consider it disrespectful and unAmerican to hit the parade before doing a little Freeway Blogging!

(We put up about ten of these peace flags, made from butcher paper reinforced with packing tape, first thing July 4 morning, all up and down the 405 – the above, I think, is the Edwards bridge near the Westminster Mall.)

It figures though, that somebody beat us to the grand Red Hill overpass. As a connoisseur, I would identify this monstrosity as a Gugino on vinyl.
(Damn you, Marty!)

FASHION TIPS for the HB Parade: Carol sports a classic George Washington quotation on her back (“My first wish is to see this plague of mankind, War, banished from the planet.”) while Vern makes do with a simple Constitution Preamble on his chest. All accoutrements by American, union labor.

Sharon as Lady Liberty at the Pier – not a look for just anybody,
but does Sharon wear it well or what!

Carol front view, all dressed up and ready for the parade…
and we’re off!

Well, nobody could tell Marselle what photos to get once the parade started. She missed Dana’s armored Humvee (which he fell on his butt first trying to get into), she missed the Democrats’ rockabilly float with dozens of us marching in front, she missed the quaint little Republican float with its old Huntington Harbour ladies lipsynching Celine Dion patriotic songs, and she missed the truly terrifying Falun Gong procession, but she JUST HAD to get the above cool cowgirl…

…and THIS way-cool soldier (with the WWII vets) responding to our peace signs!

And FINALLY, the Congressional candidate we ALL have a crush on,
a signatory of the Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq!

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