33 Days to Beijing!

The US Olympic Trials were covered in some detail over the 4th of July week-end.  Track and Field, Swimming….hey for us Sports Freaks it was pretty exciting stuff.  Bob Costas is a great reporter…and even if you don’t care so much about records, distances or heights…..Costas brings the personal touch into the play.  Sometimes he is a little over the top…..like the supposedly “Historic Battle between Roger Federer and Raffa Nadal at Wimbledon”.  Give us a break….after Nadal took the First set and came back from a 3-0 Federer lead in the second to take that one…..who cares?  It’s like the EuroZone Soccer Championships….”This is Spain’s year…..to win!”  The Germans and Swiss are not so popular….it was France, Turkey and Spain that were going to get the press….along with the Russians of course!

Ok, so it’s 33 days to Beijing!  121 days to November 5th and the battle of the Juke Box All-Stars……Aging faster than a speeding bullet…John McCain vs. SuperBlack……Barack Obama!  Michael Phelps…the great swimmer from Maryland…is on track to win 15 Olympic Gold Medals…..well, maybe only 9 or 10…..but enough to break the Mark Spitz mark of a thousand years ago…at the ill fated 1972 Munich Olympics!  Aaron Piersol and Ryan Lochte join Phelps to have the possibility of several one-two-three finishes in Beijing!  Of course that’s for people who care how fast someone can swim from one end of a pool to the other!

Our Track and Field people will get more mixed results….but we have a few biggies that we can expect to be proud of…..at the end of trail of tears in Beijing!  The hurdles and the sprint events should serve us well.  But what about John McCain?  What about Barack Obama?  How many flip-flops will they have done before the next 120 days are over?  Hey, we still have those great events for Denver and Minneapolis…yet to come….don’t we?  What about Ralph Nader…why is he sounding better all the time!  Who will Barack take as his VP?  Does he really want to win?  Will he take Joe Biden?  Will he take John Edwards?  Will he self-destruct and take Hillary?  What about the so-called Republican in the race; John McCain?  Will he take Mitt Romney as his VP?  Who cares who he takes as his VP?  How many percentage points back is he?  30…40…..who knows?  Will Congress finally respond when Oil goes to $250 a barrel and we are paying $8 bucks a gallon and change the laws so “Speculators” can’t fool with the pricing structure?  Will this happen after the elections in November?

So, back to the important stuff…..the Olympics!  How many Nike contracts will these people get?  How about those new super swimming suits?  How many of those are they planning on selling?  How many of these super athletes will be found with “extraneous substances”?  How many will be banned for life from any further Olympic games?  How many will make us proud?  In honor of the recently departed ABC Sportscaster Jim McKay: “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!”  Obama and McCain?  You call it!

Couldn’t get around to all the 4th of July events…we wanted to get to…we had friends visiting from out of town.  So, we just turned off the television and went to the beach and talked about old times!  Pretty scary thinking about all the things we used to do in this country.  Guess this year is going to be pretty scary too!  Nah…………………..!

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