Will Schwarzenegger’s drought announcement impact development in O.C.?

“Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger this morning proclaimed a statewide drought, warning that California’s water supply is falling dangerously low because of below-average rainfall and court-ordered water restrictions aimed at protecting fish,” according to the L.A. Times.

What will this mean in Orange County? “Orange County gets about half of its water from the Metropolitan Water District, which imports it from the Sierra Nevada (above) and the Colorado River,” according to the O.C. Register.

In Santa Ana what this means is our Mayor, Miguel Pulido, better get with the program and stop trying to encourage luxury condo tower development. We DON’T need to cram thousands of new residents in our city, especially when you consider that our City Clowncil just raised our water rates for the second time in the last ten months. Memo to Pulido and his developer amigo Robert Bisno: STOP the crazed gentrification development schemes!

The drought announcement also makes Pulido and our City Manager, Dave Ream, look stupid for wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars a few years ago to build traffic medians that we didn’t want and didn’t need. Those medians feature grass and trees that waste thousands of gallons of water every year. Nice going their Pulido and Ream.

Pulido and Ream also decided to blow a small fortune to bring back a water fountain in the civic center plaza area last year. Might want to shut that fountain down again!

And now more than ever it is obvious that One Broadway Plaza should NOT be built. We already have a plethora of empty offices in Santa Ana. Why do we need a tower full of additional empty offices? Stop the insanity! Let’s turn that plot into a central park and say adios to Mike Harrah’s crazed high rise tower project.

The housing market has already crashed. Now local politicians need to figure out how to stop wasting water – and they need to put the brakes on any and all high density housing development programs. There just isn’t enough water to go around.

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