Why does Greenhut have a man-crush on Paul Walters?

I don’t understand O.C. Register editorial writer Steven Greenhut’s man-crush on Paul Walters.  He wrote yet another editorial slamming the selection of Sandra Hutchens in Sunday’s paper.  This time he flat out called Hutchens the “Affirmative Action Sheriff.”

But Greenhut once again ignored the fact that Walters was being advised by disgraced former Sheriff Mike Carona’s old adviser, former State Senator John Lewis.  And he ignored the fact that Walters endorsed Carona after the latter hired his son to be a Deputy Sheriff.  And he chose to disregard Walters’ personal life – which includes massive credit card debt, according to the L.A. Times – and a bitter divorce topped off by Walters marrying a much younger woman, who by his own admission is the singer of a garage rock band (Walters mentions this on his city bio page).

And Greenhut ignored the fact that OC Good Old Boy network hack Matt “Jubal” Cunningham was cheer leading for Walters.  When Cunningham shills for someone you KNOW that person is the favorite of the OC GOP machine – just like Carona was.  Come to think of it Cunningham used to shill for Carona too.

Clearly Walters had both baggage and bad political connections.  Nonetheless Greenhut summed up the Hutchens appointment like this, “Bottom line: The board chose novelty over a proven record of reform even though the county faces an unprecedented chance to reform a dysfunctional department.”

And this brings me to the most egregious oversight by Greenhut.  He utterly ignored the fact that Santa Ana has become a crime cesspool under Walters’ watch.  Just this past year we have had multiple carjackings (you don’t see those happening anywhere else in Orange County); a Santa Ana Councilwoman had her purse stolen – a few miles from the SAPD headquarters; a judge in West Floral Park suffered a home invasion and robbery; gang shootings have gone up massively as has gang violence in general; and graffiti is completely out of control in Santa Ana.

Why would the Supervisors want to reward Walters for his utter failure in Santa Ana?  The fact is they hired the better candidate in Hutchens.  Walters was clearly going to be yet another push over for the Deputy Sheriff’s union – which according to the O.C. Register has been ripping us off for years.

I am glad Walters got punked by the Supervisors.  Too bad Greenhut cannot connect the dots correctly this time around.  He is usually spot on.

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